Monday, 15 November 2010

How Many???

House moving is always an opportunity to reassess the physical baggage we accumulate through being stationary. I have been in my current, much loved space for 8 years almost to the month.

It has been a place of caring for my mother, a sanctuary, a miracle of synchronicity in the way we acquired it, flat by flat, when needed.
However, it has also been a space into which more has been put, than has been removed!
I am sorting my clothes drawers, T-Shirt drawers first, smart and gardening. I have HOW many?
I rather think fifty four is more than enough for any gal!!!! Time for some serious downsizing, simplification, relinquishing. A good thing to be doing after a retreat.

I have a friend, Pen, who lives deep in the sacredness of simplicity. She writes beautifully and lives a life of profoundly though out, but very gentle principle. She is a sweet and as characterful as her pictures suggest.

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