Saturday, 18 December 2010

What do I love about our new house?

The  way the light falls here, the low angle catches the beveled glass of the door and the crystals hanging there

and coaxes them to throw indiscriminate  rainbows, about the hallway and through to the dining area.

We have had amazing icicles

And the garden has an air of mystery all its own.
The lord and lady have found their rightful place above an ancient water source

Wol and the Oriental lady have found a secluded walk in which to converse

But the little water boy has lost her!

He has no idea she is peeking at him from behind

So near, yet so far.

The garden swoops down a hill, with sunlight streaming after, even in these winter days,

I wonder if there are fairies at the bottom?

From the top of the garden, looking north the shadow of o chimney marks time in the yew tree

And light glances through an upstairs window

There is much moss in the lawn – that means I can grow damp loving shady exotic looking plants,
 feathers and ice

A lovely old rhododendron with mossy bole
An outrageously decrepit galvansed iron water tank

And the cats have finally been allowed out in their new strange home.

It is a good place to be, with lots of potential for stuff inside and out.

"Stuff" means anything and everything that can be done in a day.

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