Monday, 24 January 2011

Third Week at work

I have just begun my third week at work. It is exhausting, but also tremendous fun. People are delightful, customers in the library, staff some of whom I have known for 20+ years. There is something to be treasured in that patina of long acquaintance; those I work with make that work pleasurable. Certainly there are times when customers are rude, or someone irritates the hell out of you, but they are simply human. Why should we feel that life must always be kind to us, since it so evidently isn't for almost everyone else? But these last two weeks, having spent the past year thrown a great deal on my own resources and often solitary, have been a reminder of the kindness of life. I have been greeted, hugged, smiled at, by so many people, shared bits of news, fragments of their own past years, but also had moments when I've felt terribly insecure. That is the way of life, with pattern variable as the sea by which I live.

There is, however, less time for everything else, so blogging, both following and writing must fit into the spaces in between!

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