Wednesday, 13 April 2011


What I’m really enjoying about this piece is the way in which the Kantha stitch, shown to perfection on Deepa's blog here, creates its own little flow of ripples across the fabric. 

I’m also enjoying the colour. The base material is hand dyed in shades of lime green through to soft blue green and almost orange. The threads are all space dyed and so as they move across the fabric, weaving in and out, the colours of each change and the contrasts and blends are delightful.

Elephant's influence is gradually flowing out across the space, but he is firmly rooted in the ground, while the stars above smile at him


  1. I just love this piece - the colors,the embroidery ,the shisha...beautiful!!

  2. Thank you Deepa, that's praise indeed - I'm learning so much from this, and from the great blogoshpere where good things happen and good people meet to share beauty and craft.