Saturday, 16 April 2011

Garden rescues

Out in the garden the little bed below the sun and moon, where the old folk have settled is, bit by slow bit, getting cleared. As I unravel the tangle of weed roots from desirable plants I make discoveries, struggling in all that tangle and not really winning. 

This garden is full of little tender treasures like these, taken from beside the path where they have self seeded and will be trodden down, 

and moved into the soft cleared soil here. 
This bed is gradually transforming itself, with a little help from me, into the garden recovery area! Here is where the little tender treasures find their home. The trowel in the picture belonged to my mother in law and has probably tucked many a little plant into a safe space – “that’s got two chances” she’d say, and for her, most things grew.

Once I have won a small victory in the battle for light and space, I liberally mulch. This feeds, holds water, suppresses weeds and makes all look rich and clear, so the plants can be seen, rather than the muddle!

Meanwhile, down in the dell this lovely comfrey dwells, good for cut and come again compost food, or to distil in a smelly bucket for rich liquid plant food

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  1. Hello Kathy and thanks for visiting Tanglewood threads. I could certainly use your gardening expertise to tame my Nova Scotia woodlands! Thank you for the shibori video too, I really enjoyed viewing it.