Saturday, 2 April 2011

A perambulation

For the good of my leg, I went for a walk, or rather a Perambulation. I enjoy the idea of knowing my local boundaries, of understanding the lie of the land and the way the light falls. Also knowing how far I can go, and pushing that each time, varying the route, seeing more. It is something I have done for years, sometimes, when a teenager, to walk off a "mood"; later in life, having lived in the same town for years, I simply enjoyed aspects of this townscape I had moved through.

Today my perambulation was down to Gilham Woods - a little patch of woodland in the very heart of the suburbs. One the way I saw
This lovely patchwork of shrubby hedge

prunus blossom


This wonderful hedge, which sits so well in its urban environment. It works in its space from whatever angle you approach it and is a masterpiece to my mind
Then I found the wood

A place of unders and overs


weavings and intertwinings

strange ancient forms



leafmould depths

sky sweepiing heights
a magic space in which to lose half an hour immersed in birdsong and undergrowth rustlings.

On the way home I saw
cherry blossom

shining against shadow

fumitory I suspect

and a little lost brick!


  1. Thanks so much for taking us on that lovely walk through photographs! :0D

    Remembered I quite forgot to give thee the book I promised thee when I came over, and also I have one Norfolk chair and a couple of other small bits. This week Tuesday is full up but all other days have spaces, then on Saturday T & I go away for a few days till the following Thursday. Any times suit thee for me to pop over with things to drop off, or thee to us and meet cats? x

  2. Glad you enjoyed it - it's so close as well! I remembered about the book - then forgot again! Will let you know some times via FB xx