Friday, 20 May 2011

how my garden grows

things are slowly evolving in this lovely space we have come to. In the back garden, the moon bed has gone from

to this
ready for compost and other goodies to enrich the soil. You can see how dry it is, made more pronounced for the fact that it sits directly below a yew tree, but I love the tree, so will have to try and plant things that like dry shade. This well turned soil is not my work I have to say. My good soul stripped off the grass and dug it through. The darker soil to the right is the spot I cleared a while back, which has had soil enricher. You can see the difference.

In the blue pots we have iris nestled in front of the rhododendron
Meanwhile, down in the dell I was creating a rough mown path with the strimmer
through all this lovely greenness and motion, grasses and plantain flowers which swish and swoosh
while above me the fresh walnut leaves sang in the blue, blue sky

The front garden too is developing from
through these

to this, shimmering in the breeze and catching all the south facing sunlight
grasses to swing and sway

veronica and penstemon


And this greets me every day when I come home from work, lifting my spirits with its exuberance.

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