Thursday, 1 September 2011

September welcome!

The September garden is dreamy quiet, with all sorts of wonderful shapes and patterns in the low laying light. Things that are giving me pleasure at the moment are:

These blue pots, scruffy though they are, planted with the babies of the babies of a plant I had as many as 20 years ago from Uncle Andrew. 

He was Dad’s twin brother, and the closest thing I had to knowing my father, though Mum always said they were very different. So these little spikes are older than they may appear, and have travelled with me through several moves. They always remind me of him.

The wonderful shadows on these rescue petunias from Rotherview.

This rose, which was the smallest weediest stem until we cut a huge shrub  back. It’s been watered and fed, gently pruned, and has been giving us these wonderful tresses of flowers since early June.

A sedum, one of several, which came from cuttings taken at the old garden, and blend beautifully with the above in the same bed.

Echinacea and Achillea
and the colours and light captured in these two beds, both created since we got here. I'm so pleased with the way they are already looking settled.

The cats revel when any of us are out there. They squirm about, legs waving ecstatically in the air, demanding worship. They usually get rewarded. 

while in the greenhouse, tomatoes are just zingy

Then as the breeze brushed the trees, I heard the sound of shouting crows. I glanced up and saw,

a disturbance in the air!

Wonderful! Though sadly blurry photos

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