Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Mum - 2003

I was thinking of her today. I do every day, but recently I've been weeding photographs and rambling in the past. Mum coped in her life with, what many would have found, unendurable pain; from multiple breaks in childhood, through womanhood motherhood widowhood, returning to more breaks in the long decline that was old age. She was always an inspiration to me, at times she was utterly exasperating, I can't think of anyone who wasn't drawn to her brightness.

Here's something I wrote for her in 2010, after she'd gone.

Sometimes I hurt.
most times I hurt.
It makes for a dragging weariness.

Then I remember
her bird boned form,
fragile as eggshell
and those blue, blue eyes.

shining soul


  1. So lovely to see her well-remembered face smiling out at me from the little thumbnail in the blogs list on the sidebar of my page :0)

  2. Your mother sounds like she was one special lady.

  3. she certainly was Penny - I've always been grateful to have been her child