Friday, 10 February 2012

Good Morning!

We were so pleased to see this beautiful chap feeding in the bird tree this morning. The tree is near enough to the house to be able to watch in comfort without scaring the birds off. I've been deliberately putting high fat food out in this very cold weather to give the birds some energy, and hoped he'd realise it was there. And this morning there he was, peck peck pecking away, first on the tray of food, then on this block, kindly posing long enough for us to admire his lovely colours before swooping off over the fence to some other part of the world. We assume he is the same woodpecker who perches at the very top of the spruce, shouting at the crows!
He is a very welcome visitor
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  1. What a beautiful visitor! I haven't had one in my garden yet this year but a new pheasant came the other day; the old one hasn't been.