Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring ~ slow trees

I had this week off as leave, with plans for stuff, however it was hijacked by tooth problems of long standing that refused to be ignored any more! However, as well as that there was this

and this

and these
sunset and star shine

and finally this

of which more can be seen here

These trees have, some of them, been with me since Jen was small, and so have been in her life almost always. Yesterday we went to find some better pots for them. Over the years they have been rather more neglected than was kind, I am hoping to remedy this now. They should be repotted every couple of years and given a good trim at the roots to make sure they develop a multi branched root system that can get plenty of food to the tree in it's restricted growth space. I managed four over Thursday and Friday, only nine to go! You can read more about them here, I see I promised to do better by them around this time last year as well! None were repotted last year, this year I'm hoping that all will get a nice new pot, a trim around the roots and. most importantly, some fresh soil and nutrients. I love the way the bark shows their age, along with the moss growing on the surface, which I carefully preserve each time I re-pot. They are like familiar old friends; some have been with me for perhaps twenty years. There have been a few which have fallen by the wayside over the years and a rowan which escaped into the front garden, where it probably put on plenty of roots last year in it's unrestricted soil. These trees have been kind enough to stay with me despite my neglect of them - if I can manage to feed, water and love them enough this year, I wonder how they will respond.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Hope your tooth problems go away.

  2. What lovely photographs, good luck with the trees!

  3. Thank you ladies both. Both trees and teeth are half way there, and even better, I know my new dentist isn't a mad axe murderer now, which is a great relief!!