Saturday, 24 March 2012

sunset and seashore

yesterday evening Jen and I went for a walk down to the seaside and back
the sun was setting behind the trees as we walked down the hill
 twigs and branches tracing lace across the evening sky
when we got to the beach the tide was out and people were wandering along the margins,
 the shoreline softened into haze in the distance
earth bones reflected in the water
  rivulets of sea sculpted sand
and the great sun slowly slipped behind houses
 and sank
in a shimmer of light


  1. What lovely photographs, I was feeling a bit unsettled and they made me feel more peaceful. The beauty of nature is all around us to soak up.

  2. Thank you Anna, we're very lucky to be so close to this - also balm to the soul of my "Finals approaching student" daughter! I'm glad you enjoyed them - it's good to share the soul food!