Sunday, 22 April 2012

April delights in the garden

I had to tear myself away from practicing my embroidery as the day was far too lovely to waste on being indoors.

Down in the garden all sorts of spring things are flourishing. Because we have cleared so much overgrowth plants are appearing that we didn't know we had. These tulips were nowhere to be seen last year, this year they graced us with four lovely blooms.
Other plants have increased because they have space and light to breathe and stretch - this single bloom gave me deep pleasure last year, but was the only one on the tree
this year, having cleared a bully of a rhododendron from around it, it is preparing the most glorious show, I can't wait!
 Remember these tender little things, taken from where we were building Wol's walk and tucked into the soil with my late mother in law's trowel, my blessing, some compost and a good watering
 here they are this year!
whilst yet more are rampaging through the bed at the top of the garden, along with the delicate anemone flowers, which must be preserved when we make changes to the bank they thrive on

Down in the dell, a dead branch of the hazel is playing host to this wonderful bracket fungus - or at least I assume that's what it is, I'm no expert!
and the lords and ladies are about their business with gusto
After a couple of hours I had created a goodly pile of cuttings, but also cleared other areas of mess and muddle. By the time I'd finished I could barely walk back up the garden, as ever I tend to do just a bit more than I should - nothing that a good hot bath won't help though!

Time for a cuppa and some biscuits I think .....

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