Friday, 11 May 2012

Blue blue blue

I have been waiting years to have a meconopsis, the wonderful blue Himalayan Poppy, in my garden. The pics above were taken yesterday evening and this morning. The colour just sings, so fragile, so vivid, so so very cool, yet not chilly. The tulip, part of a gift from Brodie's Mum last weekend, they have been giving me pleasure all week.

And to continue with the blue theme, one of my all time favourite songs

... blue blue windows behind the stars ....


  1. Your blue poppy is amazing! What a vivid blue, just beautiful.
    My husband and I really like Neil Young. When we first met we played the Live Rust album pretty much constantly, whenever I hear Sugar Mountain it takes me back in time to when we first met. We still really enjoy Neil Young.
    Linked to your blog from Embers,

    Blessings to you,


    1. Hi there, thank you for dropping by, glad you enjoyed the Neil Young clip - he's an old fsvourite of mine. That poppy is still shining - I'm hoping it will stay with us a while!