Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The edge edged

I've finally finished my little experiment that grew into something. The photograph doesn't quite work because I couldn't get the balance right for the colours, the centre being a bit light, but it gives you the idea. I'm really happy with the way the organza catches the light, it's colours shimmering and blending depending on how the light falls across it. Backing it with a light wadding has allowed a little bit of extra contour where I stitched over the organza to hold it down. Much to my relief the soluble fabric pulled away as the stitching gave perforations, rather like old fashioned stamps - you remember, the ones we used to lick! I've edged it with a combination of silk and velvet, the silk is fabric from a charity shop shirt and some remnant fabric bought along the way. The velvet was bought from the roll as it were and I used it in the previous hanging I made for Jen, mentioned here. It was a fiddle to work with against the silk as it slipped and slid about but I'm happy with the result. The little heart, at one o'clock, has a single sequin sewn in the centre to remind her that it's always there.

My daughter says she really loves it, which is, of course, the point!

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