Friday, 7 September 2012

First Cut!



  1. You have inspired me to do some tie dye for a couple of projects. I got a tie dye kit the other day and my daughter and I did up some shirts and we were pleased with the effects we created. This morning as I was cleaning the kitchen floor, I always take my mind to another place doing this chore and I find it gets done in no time at all, I was thinking about all of the many applications I could use tie dye with. I make raggy bags made out of 5 inch quilt squares, I am going to experiment with tie dying 5 inch blocks of white cotton material, and making larger blocks for a tied quilt, the more I cleaned that floor the more ideas I had!!!

    Anyway, I know some of that inspiration came out of visits to your blog, and I just love the effects and colors in the pieces you dyed, beautiful, and some from my own mind, and to top off the kitchen floor looks pretty darn clean!!

    This is the one of the things I love about blogs, you come across new ideas and can gently absorb them into your own life if they seem to fit.



  2. I've always rather liked the meditative way housework can be used to let fresh ideas tumble about, without one having to do anything about them until the work is done. It lets them ferment more! Look forward to seeing what brews!!
    And yes, the web is an amazing way of sharing ideas isn't it, I'm glad my ramblings have triggered a little spark, that's always the point about sharing isn't it?