Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ta Daaa!!

OK that might be a bit OTT, but I've been trying to post this for days and seem to have been very busy. This is on a grey day in my back garden, so the quilting doesn't show up much, but the colours and patterns of the fabric are clearer. I finished it on Friday evening.
Here it is on the patio on a sunny day with the light streaming across from the west as the sun started to sink. As yet unbound - which sounds rather liberated!

Particular favourite bits are
Moons drifting over the downs
in particular, this little one with it's own lonely pine
fields of flowers
Bracken and dandelion clocks
butterflys, forest moons, rippling water
and leaves flying
from the treetops
I really am ridiculously pleased with it


  1. Not ridiculous at all! It's so lovely, I love the colours and the quilting, well done.

  2. You are right to be pleased - this is wonderful! Enjoy your feelings of elation - what an inspiration.

  3. Wow! Well done for finishing it, it looks fab. I particularly like the circle-y bits :)

  4. thanks you all for such lovely comments ;-)