Sunday, 7 October 2012

Show and Tell

Well hello there, I'm back after a lovely week in the Lakes preceded by a couple of days in Matlock Bath. Thank you all for lovely comments whilst I've been away.

I thought I'd start by having a bit of a show and tell - y'know how it is, you go away, there's unusual shops selling stuff you haven't seen back home, you practice a stiff upper lip for about three minutes before the logic of knowing you'll not find this or that anywhere else allows you to indulge. So here's a whistle stop tour of the best bits.

My treasured purchases; some delicious embroidery silks from Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell
and some luscious wools from the wool shop in Ambleside, just beside the Giggling Goose
While in Matlock we visited Hardwick Hall, which was simply fabulous

Then there was a day out in Carlisle, where we visited the delightful Tullie House Museum and Gallery, immersed ourselves in the Pre Raphaelites there
and repaired to their restaurant where apparently you can purchase the chef's daily, served warm with olives!
There was the trip down Windermere, dark with rain
and amazing clouds
a sighting of a Hercules (apparently known as Fat Albert) flying over the lake
and some dogged fellow passengers braving the weather
There was  St Martin's Church at Bowness with beautiful stencilled silk curtains to a side chapel, made by war disabled craftsmen in the thirties. You can read more about it here
the modern etched glass panel beneath the tower was sublime 
and contrasted beautifully with the medieval stained glass in the windows behind the altar
There I was greeted by the most delightful elderly gentleman who told me something of the history of the church -  a real pleasure. 

Then there was getting locked in St Mary's Church at Wreay .... 

Yes, honestly, I know, it's not a very big church is it? This is it in its entirety; beautiful but also pretty simple.  I was down the front, fiddling with different shutter speeds to try and capture the atmosphere and the vivid glass. I suddenly realised that the noise I had taken for a strange phone jingle, having heard someone come in at the door, was actually the alarm setting itself; that the effortful door closing wasn't because it was difficult to close, it was because it was being very firmly locked!  "Oh eck!" I thought as I scurried down the aisle to said door, where I realised there was no-one beyond to hear my shouted "Hello!!", only the echoes in the emptiness. The alarm was quite sure I was trying to steal the church, so twittered and tweetled away in, well, an alarming fashion, and my dear one had wandered off outside to examine the area. Eventually he returned, found someone who knew someone who could come and release me, found the someone who could release me and I was duly released into the evening air! I'm afraid it appealed to my sense of the ridiculous. I was reminded of getting myself locked in Hastings Cemetery many years ago. I'm sure I failed to treat it with the seriousness it deserved, but for heaven's sake, l've locked up a whole five floors of a public library, complete with rows of shelves, nooks and crannies, corridors and little rooms, and managed not to lock anyone in!!

During the week I was also searching for grids, a theme for the City and Guilds we're starting next month ... have I mentioned that? I found them aplenty
electric grids

and reflected dotty grids
also an Ambleside resident, who popped by to say hello
There were Klimt birch trees

little bits of decoration in odd places
reflections in Weir swirled water
light and shadow in the leaves
wonderful trees leaning forward to greet us
and, whilst indoors, some slicing and dicing
chain piecing and piling up
and, now I'm home, some proper planning
I'm hoping to get this finished for Cecil for Christmas. There are still two more rows of blocks to cut, some adjustments to the final design, then the piecing, layering, basting, quilting, binding .... It was an excellent diversion during the many long hours of rain! 

I've not tried a traditional quilt with proper blocks before - this is Roman Stripe. What fun!!


  1. Oh, I so enjoyed that post! All of it. x

  2. My idea of heaven - well perhaps without the lock-in. Glad you had a good time and came home inspired.

    1. we are lucky enough to do this each year, which makes one more relaxed about getting locked in a church!!

  3. What a wonderful trip, sounds relaxing and interesting. The quilt is very nice with all of the blues moving from light to dark, I like it. The pictures are simply beautiful my favorites are the Klimt Birch Trees, I could gaze at it for a long time, and the Reflections in Weir Swilled Water, both so interesting with all of the contrasts.


    1. Hi Bean, yes, it was great fun. Glad you like my pics and the quilt - I'm still working out the order of things at the moment, trying out different combinations.