Monday, 3 December 2012

One and a half hours of stitching

And here's where I got to after about one and a half hours of stitching
I've done a bit more today, but now am going to allow myself to sit down with a book and read until New Tricks comes on!


  1. this is so very scrumptious! i can get lost in all the lovely color and texture here...

  2. Well it's looking very good to me - the piece in the middle rings all my colour bells.
    The couching information is amazing - thank you - what incredible medieval pieces - they take your breath away. The daughters are back at school today - if I get everything else done, I might have a sneaky little play!

  3. oooh thank you both, I'm having such fun! So glad the couching info was helpful Anny, hope you managed to play!! Yes, the medieval pieces are delightful aren't they - imagine doing all that with nothing but sunlight and lamplight!!