Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Some recent experiments

I've been at another of Christine's workshop, this time working over fabrics from the previous session. We had a show and tell, three pieces from each of us that we liked, and three that we didn't know what to do with or didn't like for some reason. One piece i worked over was the red/orange floral squares. I'm loving the going in and out ness of the resulting cloth. The trick will be to integrate the edges. If they don't integrate, they can always be used elsewhere. All of the other bits of fabric have done something, As the layers develop, interesting, unexpected things start to happen and I begin to see stuff that I might be able to work with, figures emerging, swimming in fiery waves, themes unconsciously followed, like the tree of life/ankh cloth, which I'll post later, with its little primitive dancing men, the way linen and silk take up the colour differently from the reworked sheet cotton, ideas about where there is some kind of potential. We'll see! I'm quite excited!

For now they are all in the washing machine, never sure what's going to appear when they come out the other side

Oh, and the very vivid one is from the previous tray dying session that I've failed to post because I've been so busy!

I've also done my Christmas trip to Cecil, to give her the quilt. I'll post about that later too


  1. It's really fascinating to see where your experiments take you - it seems wonderfully exhilarating - and I like the results very much indeed.

  2. Ooh what lovely colours and textures you've created! You obviously had fantastic fun!

  3. thank you ladies both! I certainly am having tremendous fun. Having washed these, the colours are less vivid, I suspect as the result of not using proper soda ash - they were pre mordanted with washing soda, but that's OK it's all about learning the techniques just now.