Wednesday, 25 December 2013

As I walked out one bright Christmas morning ...

The sea was rippling in shining folds, but debris from past wild nights and high tides was plentiful with shingle piled and overflowing weathered wooden groynes

We talk of flotsam and jetsam - the OED says that in 1697 "flotsam" was defined as
signifying any goods that by shipwrecke be lost, and lie floting or swimming vpon the toppe of the water.

so not flotsam, as it was ashore already

so, perhaps Jetsam - again from the OED seen as early as 1491, but this from 1678

Jetson or Jetsam, that which being cast over board in a time of Shipwrack, is found lying on the shore, and so belongs to the Lord,

I think the Lord wouldn't want to bother with this lot, but it has a certain abandoned grace of its own

and some, in it's fragile lacyness echoed the waves on the sunshiney shore

Beachy Head, as ever, calm on the horizon

Thursday, 12 December 2013

About to read

Reading material for a weekend with my dear dotty Aunt Cecil. I've got a class with Christine before that, for which I'm once again woefully unprepared, though there is a smidgin of an idea brewing.

This won't be all I'm reading, lest you think me too serious!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

misty sunrise

Early to work means not missing the beautiful. Actually you don't have to be out that early at this time of year, the solstice approaches

Oh! Did I show you this?
From April this year - bit if a theme going there ...