Sunday, 31 May 2015

Did someone ring the breakfast bell ?

 hell yeah .....
this season's brood of baby starlings are raucous, squabbling, ever moving and always, but always hungry. We are constantly delighted by their scuffles over the food we provide them in the garden - this feeder is the latest attempt to stop Badger and Squirrel from carting our offerings away wholesale after a bit of inventive breaking and entering! It works well so far, allows access to the smaller birds while the larger ones can feast on other food in a nearby tree. Sometimes there are as many as 20 all flapping and squalling and fighting over who gets what! The little ones are just beginning to learn to feed themselves instead of sitting in a row on the fence shouting for Mum.


  1. Fabulous photos! I love the noisiness of the birds at this time of year, and feel quite sad as we get further into summer and it all quietens down.

    1. Thank you Annie, I was really pleased to capture the one with his wings outspread, worth the wait. We always call starlings the hoodies of the bird world, rowdy and entirely without manners (though that's probably "something'ist"!!) Delighted to see you're gong to be a proper exhibited and demonstrating artist - well done you, you must be thrilled. Hope it all goes well,