Thursday, 7 May 2015

May Shibori 3

So I dipped and dyed, and dyed a bit more and generally faffed about for a couple of days. And here is where I am now

This piece speaks to me of dandelions in a field, very pleased

This needs more work I think, though I'm not sure where to take it. Studio 11 tomorrow, show and tell, I'll see what people think, which is one of the pleasures of being there.

The blue ripple that had been stitched back and front is so subtle that images don't really show what little pattern is there, but for the record, here it is. Again, more work, much more work, but still developing layers.

There is a faint extra ripple there, but I think one of the bits of stitching worked loose, which didn't help. I'd like to repeat this process, but on a different scale

So I learn a little bit more. In particular this time, about quantities. It's good when I can experiment at home; I can be more systematic and understand the results better. None of these pieces are anything like as deep in colour as I'd hoped they would be, but have still taught me as  imade notes of times and quantities on the way there.


  1. Ah Kat, LOVE the dandelions !!!!!
    This must be great to do some stitching on !
    I like the colours of the second piece ... did you do
    some prints with a wood block or something like that ?

    So good you can ask advice at the show and tell .....
    good luck !

    1. Hi Els, glad you like the shibori - I'm always too terrified to start stitching on one of my bits of dyed fabric if I really like it, as I do that dandelion one; will have to get braver. The prints on the second piece were done with childrens "rubbing stencils - the sort that can be put under some paper and wax crayon rubbed over to make patterns or, in this case, used to print on the fabric. The trangle patterns are the result of folding the fabric first, then clamping various clear acrylic shapes on it, front and back - the shapes then mirror each other and create interesting rhythms - in this case, small triangles that dance across the fabric quite nicely :-)

  2. Ahhh Kat, thanks for the explanation : I've seen at the shibori workshop (Glennis , "shiborigirl")
    the folding and clamping, .... but never came to do it :-( (ha, not brave enough I think ;-) ...)
    You could do rubbing on cloth too I think with those stencils and crayons or special paint sticks

    (p.s. the foam sheets are really thin, and I can use both positive ánd negative as stamps ... stencils
    doesn't work that good : no sharp edges, because too "thick" ....)

    Have a nice Sunday Kat

    1. be brave Els, give it a go :-)