Monday, 27 February 2017

Tapestry Update

Once a month the little group of us from Sussex Stitchers still get together to do our bit of weaving. You'll remember I started with this - which has a few nice bits, but is basically about learning various techniques. 

I enjoy the colours, and they have a relationship with the photo collage that I started with, but the forms are uneven and don't relate to the design.

"Life is for learning"

Here is where my current piece has got to - shown upside down, as that will be the orientataion when it comes off the loom.

loosly based on the Nazar symbol, but there will be more below. Shapes symbolic of house and home if I have the space.

I'm rather pleased with it so far, though looking at the bottom, lighter area, I can see that I need to rework it to cover the warp better. I either need to loosen the tension on my weft thread or use a slightly narrower weft. I'll see which works, and refer you to the quote above :-)


  1. Ha, just said to a (blog) friend that (spinning and) weaving
    isn't for me ..... but I LOVE these little ones (thinking of Jude ...)

  2. Thank you Els, I'm really enjoying them, learning lots and finding a very meditative quality to the weaving itself, once you get a rhythm going. Much pleasure, I just need an extra day each week to fit it all in!!