Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Garden pleasures

as our move approaches I've been thinking about what I will miss from this garden. Obviously many plants can be replaced once we have moved, it is rather the spirit of the garden that I will miss

The flow of sunlight casting its magic in the mornings

The cherry tree in spring - petals so soft you just have to bury your face in them

The maple, a tiny supermarket bargain that has given immense delight with its snaky green branches, light catching leaves unfurling in spring and autumn richness

sheela na gig being coy

Summer and Autumn's bounty

Cats up the cordyline

Sitting in the ponder spot, surrounded by herbs and roses, with all the fluttering of life busying itself around me

Wol in his corner
And the little water boy forever gazing across the garden ...
to his lady love beneath the trees
All these little dynamics and special spots will be left with some sadness, each inhabitant will have to find a new space to be in, but we too will have a new place to work with, a fresh spirit to discover. It is an adventure to relish.

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