Thursday, 24 February 2011

Down in the Dell Where the Badgers Dwell!

Spring is bustling in my garden There are all sorts of magics happening as moisture surges through the soil and the light moves round to fill the space.

There are magic trees, hazel and conifers

totems from a long ago, distant garden guarding a water source

a Japanese girl who welcomes you as you leave the house

 A little old man and lady, who converse in measured and discreet tones beneath the watchful eye of the sun and the moon

Tulips in our lovely new front garden catch the evening light,     
A watchful cat wonders when biscuits are due - always time for biscuits you understand

while his brother explores down in the dell where the badgers dwell .........

where things might soon be stirring as night approaches, birds flitter and flutter their way to bed .....
evening falls and sunset fills the sky with glory

catching the hazel catkins in its last rays

you can find more pictures here

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