Wednesday, 25 April 2012

finding the edge

I am experimenting with the machine - it occurred to me that any piece done within a frame would of necessity be restricted, initially, to the dimensions of the frame. So here I have wandered about with differing threads looking at where the edge is within the space delineated by the circular frame. It is mad and uncoordinated because I am just learning. I'm also looking at different threads, experimenting. There is gold, sewed from the back, to see how it worked in the bobbin rather than the needle. 
I bought some metallic thread needles to try out, and have some outrageous holographic thread I couldn't;t resist somewhere recently. Things might get horrifyingly psychdelic! It reminds me of my endless hours with the Spirograph as a child - there were never enough pieces of paper, nor any of sufficient quality, and the pens were horrendous, but there was a mesmeric rhythmical quality to the activity and you had to be jolly careful. I think I prefer thread!

I'm finding the edges of threads as well as fabric and machine.

A heart appeared as I was stitching - can you see it?

We'll see where it goes!


  1. Hi. I found your blog through Kindred of the Quiet Way blog. I love what you've made here! I've just got myself a hand-cranked sewing machine, like my Mum used to have when I was little, and look forward to experimenting with it.

    I remember Spirograph too. I was soooo envious of the children in my class who had it. When one brought it to school I tried it out and was really disappointed that the pins kept falling out and I just made a mess! Funny what you remember...

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts x

    1. Hello Hawthorne, thank you and welcome to my intermittent musings .... and indeed, the pins DID keep falling out - I'd forgotten that ... and yes, I remember my first hand cranked sewing machine - a Frister and Rossman, wonderful sound, bullet shaped bobbin case, belonged to my grandmother, made the whole table rock when you used it! Good luck with your experimentations :-)

  2. Go for it girl! This looks enormous fun. Your remarks about the spirograph took me right back to a Christmas in the '70s - and you are so right about the pens - dreadful. But there really is something hypnotic about them. When we cleared my parents house I found the Spirograph - almost all the pieces were still there - no pens though.

    1. Cue next post!

      Yes, it is tremendous fun - and growing in the telling