Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thread and an adventure

I did mention the psychedelic thread didn't I?

I was stranded on my way home today by my car's overheating. We've been struggling with this for some time - by "we" I mean me, my good man, the car and our long suffering garage! It died on the way to work last week, having to be pulled up just past our still dilapidated pier, with a dreadful screeching sound. Today I was on my way home - all set to arrive at 4'ish, but in reality 6:30! By which time I'd watched in fascinated admiration while the rescue man attached all sort of bits of strapping and cable and stuff to the car and winched it onto the wheeled "thingy" to take it to the garage. My car rescue man was delightful and chatted cheerfully on the way back; the garage scratched it's head and said "oh dear" and "well at least if it's this bad we must be able to find the problem". Then I had to catch a train so I had the fun of peering into back gardens as they streamed by, then walk up the hill to home! An adventure ....

I told the car rescue man he was a 21st Century knight in shining armour, which gave him much amusement!


  1. You sound very calm about your adventure - I'd have been very grumpy indeed. I love your threads - I wish I could get tapestry wools like that, I'd have to listen to The Moody Blues while I was sewing. Hope the car is sorted soon.

    1. I was brought up by a mother who, while much loved, was always late! it taught me patience!
      Mmmm Moody Blues while sewing - now where's that old turntable?