Sunday, 27 May 2012

Evening light

As I was taking in the washing, I heard excitable small fox noises from the bottom of the garden. I slipped down very quietly to see if I could see them but they were well hidden in the undergrowth, yapping and scrapping and scuffling about. The evening light was so lovely though, that I stayed there a while just to see what I could see,

Low sunlight on the bole of the birch tree
the astrantias glowing quietly to themselves
buttercups cupping the last drops of light in their bowls
Blue eyed Marys given an interesting twist by Picasa
the grass, capturing light in glowing stripes
 Queen Anne's Lace dappling the shade
and up by the house  a vivid burst of red to cheer on the way in for supper


  1. Lovely photos, it's a great time of the year. Love the one of grass.

    1. Thank you Anna, yes it is a lovely time; the world is starting to develop texture as summer rolls in