Thursday, 7 February 2013

Granddad's Garden - for Charlotte

In granddad's front garden this evening there were ...

Jackdaws coming home to roost by the chimneys, making a lot of noise
A yellow jasmine flower in a blue pot
a tree like a waterfall
grass seeds like fairies kisses
 snowdrops nestling
at the base of the waterfall tree
a wall like a wiggly worm
leaves like silver feathers
and in his back garden
a wild speckly thrush
and a fox who visited us when it snowed, we left him a bowl of water to drink from
in Grandad's house there are two cats
Rum, who likes to hide his head in his paws
and Raisin who is always prowling about looking for biscuits
at night they sleep on a purple cushion just outside Granddad's bedroom door!

that's so they can wake him up early to give them breakfast!


  1. Great pics. I like the fox, we see them occasionally around here in Indiana, but they are not a very common site at all. The cats look so content on their purple pillow :) Ah, the snowdrops, one of the early signs that spring really is just about here, I can't wait to a few blossom around here, it will be another month for us.


    1. Hi Bean, yes, they are very contented cats, fed far more biscuits than is good for them!

  2. Lovely photos in this post, reminds me that gardens are magical places when we take time to stop and observe.

    1. Thank you Anna - Charlotte lives in Scotland, her grandad was visiting her last weekend; I thought it was a fun way to send her some pictures of his garden.