Tuesday, 16 April 2013

spring green

On Sunday afternoon, the garden was like this

one cat keeping watch at the top of the walk

the fattening hydrangea leaves, swollen with rain and freshly visible after their spring haircut
  the sun shone through daffodils and violets
Wol was happy in his world
  the hazel was in blossom - I'm not sure I've ever managed to notice the flowers before, they are so tiny, yet the catkin sheds its pollen to fertilize them with a caress of breeze

 another cat guards the pagoda
 while the old dears chat to each other in the sunshine 
and up in the rooftops (now there's another grid!)
the starling suns his iridescent chest 

the sun shone in his blue blue sky 
and it was very very warm and peaceful 

then in the evening I stitched, then stitched some more yesterday and a final few today
I deliberately played with the regular counterchange of the squares, by allowing the beads and French knots to expand away from the centre, floating out towards the edges and challenging all that serious stability.
Today I also had an exhausting trip to London for work. 
Still not feeling quite up to scratch


  1. Spring! So welcome. I love your white violets - and the regular purple ones sprinkled through our mossy little front garden. The embroidery - wonderful dramatic colours bold in simple design; love it! I hope today you are rested. x

  2. Really looks as if spring is here now. I do like the way you've finished counterchange. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. many thanks both - feeling a bit more human today!