Monday, 10 June 2013

Some things from the dye pot

The same measure of fabric, dye, salt and mordant (soda ash). I also tried to get an equal level of tied and open fabric in the preparation. I used two types of silk, small bits cut to the same size, one small bit of cotton to be wrapped in the same bundle as the silk, the rest tied or clamped as appropriate. There must be some colour variation from the different types of resist applied, but I think the most marked difference in colour is dictated by the timing of the introduction of soda ash,

Clamped and tied, one two and three

Windows on the moon. Soda introduced with dye

Moon river. Soda introduced after an hour

Moons and Junes Soda introduced after an hour and a half

Taken out after about four hours

The next dye lot will be soda after
Ten minutes
One hour
Three hours

Remove after five hours

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  1. Love to see how these come out - intriguing.