Sunday, 26 July 2015

When do you read?

Anny has her nighttime reads (watch your back Anny!), except now it's the summer holidays so she has a fine selection lined up. I have my morning time reads, the only point of true stillness in the day, when it's only me and the cats. Growing up, an only child, in a very quiet household I value times of stillness.

Here are my morning reads! I posted about something similar recently here. Lest you be misled, however, the pile has overwhelmed me, as has always been the case, so a selection of these may just have to go back to the library. I recall my little Ma complaining when, in my late teens, great piles of "I'd like to reads" languished on my bedroom floor and had to be cleaned around.

"The Land of Ur" my current read, is mine, as are several others on the pile - including the Art Quilts volume, recently delivered from Betterworld Books. Morning is the only time I have enough brain to sort of absorb - I work on the principle that the more I read, the more the subconcious links join up until you begin to get a vague picture of what can be known

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