Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hastings Pier Deja Vu

Our dear old pier has been struck down, set fire too at around 1am this morning. It has made national news as seen on the BBC News and in the Daily Mail's excellent article, which also details those greats, for example the Rolling Stones and Hendrix, who played there in the past.
The Pier was also badly damaged by fire in 1917
As from today it has once more gone from being the beautiful backdrop to our seafront life

 To this

The seafront was cordoned off and the town, even by lunchtime, was still clothed in a haze of smoke. A great sadness which had a number of townsfolk, even in foul weather, standing by stunned or snapping photographs in the streaming wind and driving rain. It was THE subject of conversation in town center businesses. Everyone who mentioned it to me today had been to some kind of concert or event there, or knew someone who had.

For a bit of historical background, try here and here for a view of it in its glory days. 

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