Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What do Grandmothers leave behind?

Well, mine left me a wealth of things,

her novels, published in the thirties and fifties

Howard Rowe at the far left, was my great grandfather - Nanya's Husband.
The six novels to his left are by his daughter, my grandmother

and strange little ditties like this

Wiggle Waggle Man

There was a little man
And he dressed all in brown
He raced and he ran,
Right round the town

Catch me if you can
            Said the Wiggle Waggle Man

Up came all the people
Chased him round the town
Chased him to the steeple
There he laid him down

When they came up roaring
The little man was … snoring!
He winked a bright blue eye
And jumped into the sky

Catch me if you can
            Said the Wiggle Waggle Man

It would be recited, by her, later by Mum, with the greatest of glee and the most sparkling blue eyes.

One suspects the glee is of Irish origin and comes from

I have no idea where Wiggle Waggle Man comes from - it might be an "Irish'ism" - there were a number of them.

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