Saturday, 12 February 2011

First quilt top

I've mentioned it several times now, so perhaps you should see it.

I'm not sure what I think of it, here draped over the sofa in the old place. The light was poor that day so it looks a bit unbalanced. I was trying to get a flow of light and dark across the piece, and use the bits I had to their best without creating a "traditional" symmetrical pattern and style.

There are so many fabrics in this from my childhood and teenage years. The centre panel had a blue and white print from a circular skirt of Mum's that I cut down for myself at one stage - I loved the way it flowed out around me as I skipped down stairs. Then there is fabric from a dress Mum made me to go to my cousin Dot's wedding, some from a  dress of Mum that she wore when I was a very wee thing, and two patches from a dress I made for my "O level" needlework (a VERY long time ago!), given to the daughter of a friend of Mum's. She kept it and gave it back to me when Jen was small, then I gave it to another friend for her daughter when she got to a similar size. I have no idea where it is now, but hope it has given pleasure to more little girls over time.

Jen very small at the
 butterfly garden


  1. kat, this is a beautiful quilt top! even the more so because it is filled with wonderful memories and stories that it can whisper quietly while one is sleeping under it!

  2. Why thank you Joe. I might tell it's story a little more when I've got my other PC sorted out - the one where my my photos are. It seems very "tame" when I look at Jude's work, but it means things to me. I love this idea of whispering cloth - and the way that I can be inspired by it, and see other's work inspired by it, from across the globe just by logging on!
    Thank you too for becoming my fourth follower - that must equal my "fifteen minutes" of fame by now!!