Friday, 4 March 2011

nature therapy

Today was a wonderfully sunny, clear day, so I took myself to the garden for some nature therapy.

With the sun higher in the sky at the season progresses the shadow of the house is gradually drawing back to give more light to the lawn. A great sundial lying across the land, perhaps I could learn to tell the time by it! In January the whole of the Yew in the centre was in shade, now it is fully sunlit

At the moment all is scruffy and unkempt, the detritus of last year still hanging around waiting to be cleared away so new growth has enough light and air to breathe. We keep going out there and looking in nooks and crannies to see what is emerging to the light.

It is a strange garden, no traditional beds or clear definitions, just grass, shrubs and trees, but we keep clearing and clearing and gradually things thrust up through the muddle.

Today I created a marvellous mess, which I then very gratefully packed into the green waste wheelie bin ready for it to be taken away by the local council. They compost the waste which we can then buy back at a reasonable price, I heartily approve. We’ve not yet managed to get compost bins going, it’s on the list!

This is the sun trap seat I sit on to take a break, it is just by the steps to the next level where one day there will be a rose covered arch, a greenhouse and raised vegetable beds. Today it was really warm despite there having been frost on the ground first thing 

– even when the sun was briefly hazed in cloud the warmth didn’t go away. 
Rum hard at work

Then I came back indoors for a late lunch and found this layabout basking in the sun!
it's such a hard life being a cat ....

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