Monday, 23 May 2011

floral delights

hello, just a quick post to bring you come of the lovely things my garden is giving me at the moment

 some beautiful iris
 these poppies, which were almost hidden by weeds and grass, I'm hoping once both are established that the colours of the poppy and and the deep purple clematis will sing together

 this beautiful delicate rose, which is full of buds just now as it rambles across the front of my shed
the rusty patterns on the water tank which make me smile
and this ash tree, which I will regularly curse as it's babies spread themselves profligately round the garden - look at that great truss of seeds waiting to flutter down and find some nice safe spot to germinate!
However when the wind rushes through the garden, the leave flutter and swing against one another, making the most wonderful shushing sound, and the whole tree looks as though it is waving at me in a very regal fashion - that funny side to side motion of the hand that they do so well!

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