Tuesday, 3 May 2011

jack in the green

Normally at this time of year I would be trying to upload pictures from the brilliant Jack in the Green celebrations which Hastings manages every year. However, due to a "fragile" back I had to miss it this year, wasn't sure it or I were up to following the parade, nor wending my way through the wonderful happy crowds who enjoy it every year, so instead I'll have to offer you a link to their page here and some pictures from quite a few years ago - 2004 to be exact

It's always a delight to attend, for two reasons, first the Jack celebrations. They start in the Old Town, down by the famous net huts, the drums thrumming in your chest and echoing off the cliff walls
 as Jack, the spirit of summer is called from his lair
 and paraded through the town with a pageant of fair and fairy folk,

mummers, morris dancers

 and celebrants. Finally, poor old Jack is slain so that the spirit of summer is released.

Meanwhile, another part of the town is filled, and I mean filled with bikes and bikers of all descriptions.
The deep reverberations of their arrivals and departures buzzes through the air from morning to afternoon.
The centre of town is awash with admirers looking at all the leather and chrome as they line the roads like beetles swarming in the early summer sun.

So sorry to have missed it this year. I'll have to try harder next!

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