Sunday, 5 June 2011

My 100th!

gosh, I'm getting very old! So for my hundredth post, come for a walk in my garden

These two sleep on the well in the warm, guarding the source at the very top of the garden, just by the back door
the little Japanese lady still welcomes us to Wol's walk, but a renewed, refreshed walk, first the weed membrane and stones,
 now filled and planted,
 moistened by rain

warmed by the sun
Wol in his cage has  nearly disappeared behind a curtain of ferns
While across the garden
the moon bed has been cleared

and planted
and down the steps and into the productive part of the plot, my good soul has planted vegetables, here in evening shade,

and filled the greenhouse with many good things
the hydrangea are budding
the rambling rose is in bloom, 
evening sunlight glances through the branches, catching the trunks of the ash tree

and the spruce has plump green cones dangling from it's branches. I wonder what will feed from them later in the year
Back to the top, and that hole has been filled, but not yet covered
and at last we have a wonderful long shower of rain, just to help everything flow

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