Saturday, 31 December 2011

happy new year

As the last day of 2011 draws to a close, some pictures from a moist Sussex garden to greet the New Year
rainfall captured on fallen leaves, decay amidst the green 
tiny cyclamen, bright spots of colour in the dark, damp soil

walnut tree, ghostly at the end of the garden, its silvery branches netting the sparse winter light

lingering remnants of autumn colour, the hazel leaves, touched by the fire of the sun, waiting to feed life in the coming year.
and a tiny little slug, not my favourite of garden guests, but with a part to play in the rich web of decay that brings new things in to being

Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year, times of darkness, reflection and review, long chill nights for reminiscence, short days to scurry through, wrapped against the rain and wind. They bring to us an awareness of our own mortality, the bright lights of our decorations a ward against the darkness, our hope that the wheel of the year will turn and summer's brightness will be ours again.