Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hellebores at Great Dixter

Last weekend we went to Geat Dixter for a fascinating day with Diana Guy talking about hellebores. It was thoroughly enjoyable as well as instructive.  The education centre at Dixter is just lovely, and we were joined for the day by a few of the students who are living there while learning more about horticulture. We were greeted with coffee and some partcularly delicious brownies and lemon drizzle cake, lunch mid day was yummy soup, home baked rolls and cheese. 

The talk was fascinating, covering a great range of information about hellebores - one of my favourite flowers. The weather was delightful and after we'd had our fill of information, supported by lots of lovely slides and some real hellebore flowers guaranteed to get us addicted, we were allowed to wander the gardens to our hearts content. Well, maybe not entirely to our hearts content because that would result in permanent residence!

 One of the garden cats graciously allowed himself to be photographed amongst the flowers
 snowdrops were peeping through absolutely everywhere
 hellebores just waiting for us to turn their tender heads up so we could appreciate their freckles
 the topiary, like calm elder statesmen, watching from the long years of their growing
the house, always visible, redolent of history - a real presence, perhaps sheltering past spirits of the place, looking out in wonder at these strangely dressed people poking about
texture is everywhere drawing the eye and providing  interest even in the quiet months

the succession planting here ensures that there are flowers aplenty to gaze at
 and some delicious colour still lingering from last year's euphorbias
 a confident blackbird who is, I hope, wise to the cats
 and the spangled flowers on the meadow at the front of the house, evoking the millle fleurs tapestries of old
We are so lucky to live close to this wonderful place.

Today I'm off to learn about machine embroidery!


  1. I enjoyed this post about your visit and the lovely photos.

  2. Yes we *are* (lucky) - and I have never been there!