Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunny March Garden

It was a beautiful afternoon and I had time at home so I gave a proportion of it to the garden as it was so balmy.

The little crocus by the step to the kitchen garden (for which read work in progress) had just one brave flower last year, not four inches from getting kicked by unmindful passing feet. Now has two to cup the sunlight in their petals
 These two chat quietly in the sun, wondering if thier patch is going to be any tidier this year
 while the moon peers down through the tracery of the rose arch
 A few skeletal hydrangea flowers still cling to their stems
 though others have been rigorously pruned to, hopefully, improve their shape
 a plane passes overhead, flinging a scarf of wispy condensation across the moon
 The camellia flower flings the light back from its glowing petals
 and Mad Dog daisy is, as ever, cross!

I think, while gardening, about how to best prevent hurting myself, which is a genuine risk. I garden mindfully, watching what my body is doing, remembering to "put on" my core muscles while I rake, or bend, breaking tasks into smaller bits, so that I vary the activity and therefore the movements I make. I rest frequently and try to limit myself to an hour, though this often stretches to two! Best of all though, when there is time, I have a good warm bath when I come in, to relax the muscles and soothe anything that might, foolishly, think itself strained! That way I can get up the next day with plenty of aches, but no injuries. Preferable to a slipped disc or torn muscle!

Oh, and don't forget the cup of tea and chocolate biscuits!

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