Sunday, 8 April 2012

A little stitched celebration

One of the Embroiderers Guild members has a significant birthday approaching and we have all been asked to contribute a flower. They will be gathered together to make a little book of floral celebration - a delightful idea, but I had been scratching my head wondering what to do. Watching Jude, Joe and others, creating cloth stories from scraps and whimsies is a huge inspiration, so I rummaged through my scrap bag to see what I could find. With hellebores in mind, I found this, a scrap from a very long ago dress that Mum made for me to go to a cousin's wedding when I was I my teens. With a little thought and a few more bits and bobs scavenged from Mum's multiple button boxes and more scraps from my stash, I came up with this, which will, I hope, give pleasure.
I may add a little more stitching just to bring the front and background cloth together, but I think it's pretty well what I want.
Behind the fabric, you can see a piece of knitting that has been on the needles for rather too long, but will be a lace snood when its finished. I'm really enjoying making it; challenging, but it always makes sense if you pay attention. As I knit, I often ponder on the hows and whens of the craft - someone a very long time ago worked out that you could make a fabric from looping thread together with needles, but from that to the sort of complex patterns that make up, for example, Shetland lace, is a very long step and a wonderful example of our very human ability to take the very simple and introduce artistry and complexity into the mix, creating beauty of all sorts.


Tomorrow we are off the the Norfolk/Suffolk borders for a proper holiday. Best I go start packing I rather think! I'll be quite without access to the Internet while I'm away, and will, weather permitting, get wonderful views of the stars as we're in a cottage that is part of a farm complex in the middle of rural Suffolk. Bliss.


  1. such a lovely floral arrangement! i love how you included the buttons and thread chanting to manifest such a fragrant composition!

    oh..and THAT snood! wondrous! being a knitter from way back, i am always overjoyed to stand on the sidelines and cheer and clap and generally make a spectacle of myself in order to bestow well-deserved knitting praise! that stitch pattern reminds me of a pair of zig zag lace socks that i designed and knit for my mom some years ago in some of the first skeins of opal that made it to our shores! your snood will be beautiful, i'm quite certain!


    1. thank you Joe - the snood is such fun to knit and I really enjoyed fiddling with little bits of fabric to create something lovely, then popping over to you, Jude, Deanna et al to see how its done properly! Glad you like it - I'm just starting to get the idea and love the way these things grow in the telling. The snood is coming away with me on holiday to be knitted in the depths of rural Suffolk - peace and big skies to inspire - the sketch book will be coming too ...