Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fly away home

One of the things I hate about being a cat owner is the fact that they are, by nature, predatory beasts. I love them dearly, they are companionate but spoilt creatures, who give less to their owners than dogs do, ... perhaps ... but also demand less and are usually peaceable creatures after the busyness of dogs. BUT they do kill. I'm not sure The Bravest Mouse in the World hasn't, since, met his end. But today I won ... Looking out of the bathroom window, I could see Rum, on the lawn, with something small, brown and feathered looking dead on the grass. I managed to chase him off, by shouting very loud NO! from the window, at which the poor bird also took fright, but fluttered to desperate cover under the chair, while Rum backed off. I hotfooted down stairs and into the garden, but as soon as the frightened creature saw me it moved again, there was a chase, a lot of flapping, rather a lot of firm shouting, and bird managed to dart under some spreading geranium as my yells distracted Rum. I stalked, trapped, subdued and manhandled Rum into the house - securing four doors with him hanging tense and ashamed in my arms. Raisin came up to see what all the fuss was about, so he was secured indoors as well. I went very cautiously back outside, to see if the bird was still there, took him, oh so gently from his hiding place, with a towel round his back to stop him panicking. Then released him into the air. He flew away to deep cover in trees, missing some tail feathers but with a second chance in life.

Hope he'd had enough time to recover.

Cats are grounded for an hour or so!


  1. Oh dear, we have this problem too! It's hard living with murderers.

    1. indeed it is, especially when they leave little "bits" on the carpet from their overnight jaunts!!