Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Foxy Mum perhaps?

Sshhh, who's there?
Who are you looking at?
me ? ....
do I look bothered?
Elsewhere in the garden
the gravity fed water collection system is in full working order - a masterpiece of urban technology, note the precision positioning of hose at top, that takes the overflow from the water butt at the top of the garden and brings it down to the vegetable garden - there's also a water butt to take overflow for the roof and a galvanized tank for the water from the shed - the Man is very serious about his water!
the slugs are slugging
the ferns are unfurling
the vegetable beds are filling up and the greenhouse is overflowing!

Rum is drinking puddles
whilst yesterday Rasin was looking pensive
Over the weekend we had a Small Boy to stay, along with with his Mum. They sat at the bottom of the garden waiting for baby foxes
One was kind enough to oblige, much to my and Brody's delight.

We  lunched in Bistro 45spent time at the Jack in the Green, Hastings,which was as ever very crowded. At one point a rather bewildered looking lady said to me distractedly, "oh .... we only wanted to look at the shops in the High Street, we didn't know this was on  .... it's all rather Pagan isn't it? Absolutely!!!
Here's the start of the parade, courtesy of YouTube, down by the net huts with the cliffs behind ... close your eyes, turn up the volume and imagine the thrum of the drums vibrating in your chest!
Brodie also had a little piece of stitchery created, just for him. We had great fun, with me stitching while he told me, very definitely,  what to put where - it was very bling!
Another piece is still on the go - stitching finished I think, now to work out how to embellish the corners - something with organza stitched around the circle I think - here just thrown about the stitchery to get an idea of what and where
and another tryout just to see what if ..... layers and stitching and a little bit of batting to give contour
It looks curious in the flat light of the camera flash and is a "concept demonstrator"!

Outside in the night the rain is falling, falling, falling beyond my window


  1. fab post; love your foxy mum! Thanks for Jack-in-the-green link - it was lovely to see you there! x

    1. you too - we really must get organised so you can view the domain soon!! Perhaps once the building work is finished - you know how that goes though ;-) xxx