Friday, 4 May 2012

someone's sleepy

I watched and waited, very patiently again this evening and was rewarded
 he trotted out and pottled about, appearing and disappearing until eventually
overcome by sleepiness he settled down, glancing round first to make sure that all was safe.

The dell is beautiful at the moment, with bluebells, dandelion clocks and blue eyed mary
in the kitchen garden the strawberries are - well, strawberrying

and higher up tulips and honesty bring vibrant colour, the deep magenta dicentra blends deliciously with the acid yellow of a little euphorbia which I'm not convinced I planted, though I love where it's put itself,
and the first flower I ever fell in love with is gradually spreading from the single plant I put in last year
London Pride
I had a very amateur microscope as a child, which worked by reflecting light back from a concave mirror. This saxifrage grew in abundance over a sort of rockery and I adored it's foamy flowers and wonderful whorled leaves clustered at the base of the stems. I picked the flowers and brought them into the house to examine under my "scientific instrument" to see if I could see the cell structure. I seem to recall I just saw the pink splotches in magnificent detail - I know the whole exercise delighted the rather introspective only child I was becoming, and I remember my disgust when the plants were cleared vigorously away as being far too untidy and invasive. These are my reminder of childhood.


  1. Aww such a cute fox cub! Are Blue eyed Mary's the same as Forget-me-nots? Whatever they're called they're certainly coming out to play near me too! Spring is such a wonderful time!
    Blessings x x

  2. Hi Hawthorne, yes, Blue Eyed Marys are related to forget me nots - they're omphalodes, which I think is a wonderful name - but then I love the Latin names of things! They're also in the same family as borage, which is another lovely plant. Fox cub brought great pleasure to a small boy today as (s)he came out to play again.