Sunday, 17 June 2012

A little light scavenging

A I was washing this morning, I glanced out of the upstairs window while reaching for the towel, just in time to see a small face peering through the gap in a neighbour's garden. I watched with delight as the face was joined by a body, young, slender, dainty. The visitor trotted out into full view, then disappeared behind their summerhouse. Taking the opportunity to grab the camera from downstairs, I hopped back up and watched and watched but nothing, until ......
Oho! I thought, they're still about then. My little visitor poked and sniffed about, darting to and fro on the path until he was just below the feeding post for the birds, where tasty morsels were to be had. I dashed to my bedroom for a better view, opening the window so soo carefully
He glanced up briefly, tongue between his lips, peered at the window, thought a bit, snuffed a bit and then decided to look away, all nonchalance
Perhaps he was sparing my blushes - I had, after all, been getting washed .....

Then, having satisfied himself that he'd had all he could glean from the bird's leavings, he trotted off, startling one of the cats mightily as they met at the turn of the path!

Later in the day there was some excitement as a Nuthatch flew into the patio door and had to be rescued from Rum, who thought he'd like to help it recover. I took it up in my hands very gently, and felt its little claws wrap themselves around my finger. I carried it carefully down to the Dell, where I held my had aloft for it to fly to freedom -  it was so stunned it simply nestled there for a good few minutes, beak slightly open, recovering, not even trembling, until suddenly, with a cheep chirrup and a whirr of wings it flew into the trees.

This evening a wonderful liquid song was ringing out over the garden, and we realised that a thrush was perched high in the spruce, filling the evening air with his joi de vivre.
 until this rather rude chap flew in to take his place with an insolent squawk!


  1. great pics. i second is my favorite he looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth :)

    1. I was so thrilled to have noticed him - a chance glance out of the window

  2. What lovely photos! That little fox looks so well! x