Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time to cut

Been cutting out fabric today, having dyed it all yesterday - terrifying - align fabric on cutting mat, or was that with ruler? - measure four  times, reposition ruler, grasp rotary cutter, check cutting plan, check fabric type key, check graph of design, re-count squares on graph and multiply by two, add half an inch for seams, measure twice again just to be sure, check cutting list, hold plan upside down to gain perspective, measure again, retract safety shield on rotary cutter, hold breath - aaand CUT!!

I was very grateful for Christine's advice, encouragement and timely reminder that half of eight inches plus half an inch for the seam isn't four and three quarters!



  1. After my 'curtain incident' I wholeheartedly applaud your dedication with the tape measure! I'm sure it will pay dividends :)

  2. I could just about handle the tape measure - it was all that counting and trying to make sure I cut the right bit out - it's called fussy cutting apparently. I tried not to make a fuss!

  3. don't worry, just go and enjoy.

    1. Much enjoyment being had! Moonstones should be on their way to you, hope they arrive safely