Monday, 17 September 2012

a little time with slow trees

A number of things are giving me delight in the garden at the moment;

Woodpecker is getting bolder, perching at the very top of the two tall spruces, even when we are in the garden. Hawthorn berries are dancing down onto "Things Stored Behind the Shed", pinging off the ladder, knocking on wood

the tomatoes are ripening and butterflys flutter by in delighted, tumbling clusters, shimmering over the verbena's purple nodding heads
Today after work, I spent some time talking with my slow trees
fly away
Pruning; editing; no wiring, it seems too forced; just taking what nature offers and refining it to a more considered shape. Asking them how they feel; what's rubbing, what's blocking the light, how air could circulate more freely, which branch is feeling awkward

slightly less fuzzy!

 being quietly, midfully outside, you notice the planes flying overhead, on their way to Gatwick or Heathrow
and the sunset this evening was simply lovely
Tomorrow, this blog will be two years old!

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  1. Happy 2 year blog birthday, lucky you having a woodpecker around, I've seen none in my garden this year. Lovely photos.